Help Filastine & Nova Fight Climate Change With Arka Kinari

Arka Kinari Project

Arka (Latin) – vessel, repository, from arcēre, meaning “to hold off or defend”
Kinari (Sanskrit) – a half-human, half-bird musician, guardian of the tree of life

Filastine & Nova, the multimedia duo, are currently fundraising to make this Arka Kinari project come to life. In short, the general idea is to load up a sailboat with production equipment and play shows from the water.

Arka Kinari Layout

So, based on the planning, this project will be outright awesome. The sails are going to act as flowing screens for visuals, and the boat itself will be dressed with speakers and subs. The result is Arka Kinari.

Arka Kinari is certainly an unconventional project, and it encompasses both a good cause and a dream come true. To sail around the world, performing, is artistic freedom at its finest; these artists are using that freedom to showcase their music and relay a message of sustainability.

Filastine & Nova

The power-duo of composer Grey Filastine and vocalist Nova Ruth is out to save the world through music. Their performances combine sounds, images, and ideas to create a show like no other.

Filastine & Nova
Filastine (left) & Nova (right)

“bass music for crumbling urban futures”

Split Magazine

The music itself is intriguing, and it incorporates sounds from all over the globe. Check out their Abandon video series, which includes four impactful music videos that truly invoke emotion. This duo’s goal is above all to unite people from all around for the cause by combining the various formats in which music can be displayed.

The pair have traveled around the world sharing their message and performing. For instance, they have made appearances in many outlets from festivals to a migrant camp and the Paris Climate Summit.


Drapetomania is the first full album released by Filastine & Nova and is composed of the Abandon series soundtrack as well as new releases. This album has been described as a mix between psychedelic trap and tropical post-folk. Therefore, it contains sounds that challenge what we know about ourselves and the planet we live on.

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