“Flying by Candlelight” by Above & Beyond feat. Marty Longstaff

“Flying by Candlelight” is Above & Beyond’s new single, in collaboration for a second time with Marty Longstaff. There are some notable components of the song that contribute to the unique sound.

Official Lyric Video

First, the artists began with a typical House beat for the base layer of the single. A House beat creates a great song to dance to– something EDM enthusiasts know and love. In addition, Above & Beyond included a synth line to create layers within the piece. The synth adds a vibe that is similar to that of trance music, causing a sort of House/ Trance crossover. The beat of their single embodies the title, mirroring a flame or embers. Lastly, Marty Longstaff’s rich voice only adds to their lyrical artistry.

Above & Beyond describes their single as an “ode to the power of love”, which ties in closely with its storyline. The artists tell the story of a character being rescued from loneliness and taken on an adventure through the night sky. After considering this, the progression of their adventure is loud and clear.

About Above & Beyond

Originating from London, Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki formed their group Above & Beyond, along with their record label, titled Ajunabeats. In 2018, they ranked number 51 on DJ Magazine’s Top 100 poll. The trio strives to create celebration, kinship, and community through their music and live sets.

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