French Club Scene Might Get A Whole Lot Quieter With New Restrictions

France Public Health Noise Restrictions 

For years France has been trying to become a prominent force in the nightlife industry, trying to break away from the stigma of Paris being nicknamed the sleeping city. There has been a heavy promotion on late-night fine dining as well as France’s underground music scene and broader nightlife. Noise Restrictions would undermine all of that.

After all the hard work put into curating the nightlife scene from promoters, dj’s, club owners and others, they might watch their years of effort unravel right in front of their eyes after being slapped with new noise restrictions, a public health decree published by the centrist government of President Emmanuel Macron


Noise Restrictions Petition

Now, many artists either from the area or that have been part of the scene have now taken up to combating this new restriction, made effective on August 7th and have started a petition. 

In a formal open letter, artists, venue owners, and other industry professionals come together to curtail these noise restrictions.

To the volume demanded by this decree, the physical sensation no longer reaches its objective. If our bodies, our capacities of perception, our memories have a hard time to renounce it it is good that it is part of the happiness to hear these works in their fullness. This decree disfigures them, this text distorts them.

Some signatories: UMIH; Jean Michel Jarre; Jack Lang; Solydays; Hellfest; Laurent Garnier; Nights sound; Techno parade; Jeff Mills; the Rex club. And 1988 Live Club; Amarou; Angie; Antigone; Badaboum; Boat Nix Nox; Behzad; Ben Vedren; Benales; Birth Of Frequency; Bronco; Cabanne; Cafe Oz; California Avenue; Cerrone; Communion; Concrete; Corcoran’s; Dan Ghenacia; Dream Nation; El Alamein; Garage; Noctis Group; General food; The warehouse; The Chapel Of Lombards; The Canton Lady; The Moulin Rouge Machine; The Mano; La Pena Festayre; Laurent Garnier; The dirty kiss; The deposit; Faust; The reservoir; Sugar; Oz Cafes; Stables; The stars; The O’sullivan; Lowris; Mad Rey; Marcelus; Molly; Wild nights; O’Sullivans; oxidised; Palace M; Pena Festayre; Small bath; Point Ephemere; Pop’in; Headquarter; FG Radio; Rosa Bonheur; Salo; Silencio; Sneg & Co; Supersonic; Surprize; Technopol; Vip Room; Voiski; Wanderlust; Weather Paris Festival; Zadig; Zapata.



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