Frankie Knuckles Upcoming Special Release and Album

Frankie Knuckles was a house music legend that helped bring the genre to where it is today. Five years ago, the house music pioneer lost his life battling Diabetes. The man dubbed the founder of House music will be honored with an upcoming project.

Originally from New York, Frankie moved to Chicago in the 1980s to start DJing at a new club called “The Warehouse”. The club was the birthplace of the genre we call House and where Knuckles’ legacy began. He went on to release some of the biggest dance tracks the world has ever heard. Some of his well-known tracks included “Your Love”, “The Whistle Song”, “Tears” and many others.

Frankie’s Longtime friend and collaborator Eric Kupper has announced that a new project is on the way. He also announced a full-length album that will be coming sometime in the spring. The release will be available via SoSure Music on vinyl and digitally.

The Collaborative project will include a revamped mix of 1987 release “Baby Wants to Ride” that features Jamie Principle. The release will also include a remix from Jimmy Edgar on the B-side.

Frankie Knuckles
“Baby Wants to Ride”-Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle 1987. Via Discogs

These tracks will be available on vinyl on February 1st and digitally on February 15th via SoSure Music. 50% of the proceeds will go to the Frankie Knuckles Foundation.

The Frankie Knuckles foundation is a not for profit organization but the foundation is dedicated to supporting house founder’s mission. The foundation focuses on causes he advocated including music in schools, LGBTQ youth homelessness, AIDS research/prevention, and diabetes research/education.

Frankie Knuckles Foundation

Eric Kupper

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