Geck-o Announces Qult Throwback Set at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2018

Geck-o’s Qult Throwback Set

Defqon.1  Weekend Festival, White Stage

Walibi Holland in Biddinghuizen, NL

Sunday, June 24, 2018

2:00 P.M.-3:30 P.M.

Geck-o, DJ, and producer of hard electronic dance music announces that his DJ set at the White Stage of  Defqon.1 Weekend Festival will be a dedication to the underground club sounds of Qult. Such great news of the special Qult throwback set will feature the music unique to the old party series known as Qult. Do not miss out on this rare occasion, if not the first, to relive Qult since its hiatus in Fall 2015.

Geck-o’s Announcement

Geck-o reveals his plans to perform a special Qult-style throwback set at the White stage, and more directly from his Facebook page. It get’s better, as he has been hard at work preparing some sounds for his set with Wavolizer at the Silver stage, too. Always a grand musical experience from Geck-o. Prepare to be amazed.

Amidst the news of Geck-o’s plans for the Qult throwback set at Defqon.1 is a call out to let him “know if you have any requests”. Every throwback brings old things back into focus, and besides the electronic music another thing that a proper Qult throwback must not go without: the infamous Qult smiley face. Of course, the news of Geck-o’s throwback is making that face so smiley. Speaking of which, who is bringing the Qult Smiley?

Geck-o and Qult Legacy

Remembering the height of the Qult movement with Geck-o’s track compilation entitled the Ultimate QULT Mix-tape means fans and newcomers can look forward to dancing their feet off during his set because the feature tracks here are simply the best of the Qult era (ca. 2012-2015). In need of a tracklist? It is provided in the description section from the YouTube video below.

Most significant, is that the best of the Qult talent, Geck-o, is bringing it back. Probably because he knows  Qult best, especially, since he was Qult’s main promoter to the end. As such, he often went overheard as “Mister Qult” from former MC’s of Qult introducing him at the now discontinued party series. He is the personification of Qult. For a further understanding of the Qult legacy visit the archival website and facebook fan page.

Geck-o: Interpretations of the Qult Sound

Geck-o’s interpretation of the Qult sound is musical genius. As with the Qult sound, which knows no genres, neither does his old Qult releases. Without the constraints of genre, musical creativity knows no bounds. Unbound by genre-based production, the results of experimental creativity bear the essence of music in its truest form. Indulge in the music from the playlist featuring his releases on the Qult EPs provided below.

Longtime followers know this is no lie. The music tells the truth, but only to those who listen. Take this chance to enlighten your musical understandings through the Qult throwback set. So, do not miss out: mark your calendars and unofficially “join the Qult”.

Graphic from JoinQULT’s Facebook.

About Geck-o

A young DJ and producer from Amsterdam, Netherlands, Geck-o began his career in the electronic dance music industry in the late 2000s. Working for the Therachords record label while producing hardstyle music, he had invitations to perform DJ sets before learning to perform. Eventually, a demonstration mix sent into the Q-dance that landed him a spot as a resident DJ of its new Qult party series and the responsibilities of hosting the now-defunct Qult Radio.

Due to the experimental nature of both his approach and the music of Qult, the performer’s alias was formerly to  Geck-e, where the letter “e” stands for experimental. Switching back to the original name as Geck-o towards the end of the Qult era (fall 2015), he promised loyal fans that the inevitable end of Qult only means the future holds the opportunity to experience new music.

Consequently, the closing of Qult came in Fall 2015 as did the advent Geck-o’s own music concept The Funky Cat, bringing “weird club music” free from any genre and inspired from feeling.  Listen to Geck-o’s latest release on The Funky Cat label entitled “Space Out” for some psychedelic trance.

Connect with Geck-o

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