GenZ and Relentless Beats: Partnering to Combat Festival Theft and Dehydration at GoldRush

There is big news on the horizon for festival-goers everywhere. As festivals are on an upward trend, which thousands more attending year after year. That means that not only are there more mouths to keep hydrated but that there is also an increased risk of theft.

From RelentlessBeats.com

How can we stop it? How can we be more aware? GenZ is giving festival-goers the peace of mind they are searching for, and they are bringing the goodness with them to GoldRush.

Relentless Beats is happy to announce the partnership with GenZ, taking a strong stance against theft,”  

Jason Euler, official GenZ partner

Partnering With Relentless Beats for GoldRush

In early April GenZ was approached about collaborating with Relentless Beats. After months of thought, they have finally announced their project. For this year’s event, GenZ and Relentless Beats will be bringing the anti-theft hydration to the festival masses at GoldRush. What does this mean? This means that not only will the GenZ team be onsite, demoing their state of the art hydration pack, but the owner of GenZ, Ryan Lange, himself will be onsite sharing tips and tricks about anti-theft for those using or not using the RaveRunner. There will even be a GenZ vendor tent at GoldRush for attendees to purchase their own RaveRunner. We were able to connect with Ryan to get his thoughts and feelings about this big announcement:

I’m definitely very excited. Not only about being at a festival with my brand but specifically to spread and raise awareness on the issue of theft at festivals. Even if people aren’t using the RaveRunner, I want them to know there are other ways to keep your belongings safe while still having a carefree time.

Ryan Lange, Owner of GenZ

About GenZ and the RaveRunner

The team at GenZ is dedicated to one thing: providing a solution to theft at festivals. Thus, the creation of the RaveRunner. A new, state of the art, anti-theft hydration pack that was completely customizable.

The biggest specification of the RaveRunner is the main compartment, which is located on the backside of the pack. Included are also hidden pockets and chest pockets for added ‘secret storage’. Additionally, the 2L bladder system also has an easy access front flap that makes fill-ups a breeze.

Graphic from GenZ

As if that was not enough, the packs are also customizable with several features. Attendees have their choice of several different El-Wire colors and an underglow. One of the arguably coolest features is that the front of the pack is completely customizable. Buyers can pick either a pre-determined design or one specifically from the buyer’s own collection.


This year, GoldRush is packing a punch. Not only with their amazing lineup, but also with GenZ. Festival thefts have been on the rise, so rather than be a victim, be proactive. Head over to the GenZ blog to get great tips to avoid theft and possibly purchase your own RaveRunner.

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