Getter Cancels Last Seven Dates Of Visceral Tour

April 3, 2019, Getter comes face to face with overwhelming criticism and hate from so-called “fans.” This hate is the reason behind the cancelation of the remainder of his Visceral tour. With only seven dates left, it is very disappointing to see the tour come to an unexpected end. Rude interactions such as booing at shows and getting objects thrown at him drew the last straws of hope in the tour. Getter offered a defeated and distressing note to these individuals, saying, “you win.”

With an abundant amount of toxic hate towards Getter’s music community, the musician’s friends and colleagues rushed to his support. Fans were disappointed with the Visceral tour for the reason of hearing music from the Visceral album. As hypocritical as it may sound it is true, why buy tickets in the first place?

Rezz, Excision, Alison Wonderland, and Zeds Dead where just a few of the artists that proposed some words of encouragement. Tweets sent directly to Getter are left below in order to show the backing.

Popular Responses

sorry TBH my phone just glitched out and sent that lol. now I’m on my laptop. lol but sending love ur way dude.

— Rezz (@OfficialRezz) April 4, 2019

@getterofficial sending love your way bro <3 Visceral is tight, keep pushing boundaries man.

— Excision (@Excision) April 4, 2019

 @GetterOfficial just know that taking risks and being yourself is the best you can be. The right people will get you. I am sorry you are struggling right now but we, in the electronic music community all have your back rn

— ALISON WONDERLAND (@awonderland) April 4, 2019

People hated on bob Dylan when he stopped playing folk music. Now nobody remembers that. People will get with the program eventually. It’s growing pains. Sucks that people are throwing shit and booing that’s ruthless. Stay with it 

— ZEDS DEAD (@zedsdead) April 4, 2019

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