Headhunterz “Takin’ It Back” Reaches 10 Million Views on YouTube

Look at him go

The devastatingly beautiful soundscapes of hardstyle tracks from Headhunterz are earning him high numbers in views on YouTube. As with the euphoric vibes felt from the bright and gentle melodies familiar to his productions, those from his Spring 2018 release single “Takin’ It Back” have touched the hearts of over 10 million fans viewing the track’s official video on YouTube.

Among those 10 million are the representatives of Q-Dance–the hardstyle brand–who acknowledged Headhunterz successes in high number of views on their website news page. Furthermore, the 10 million views is large enough, yet, his track “Dragonborn” from 2012 has amounted to 21 million views on YouTube. Therefore, Headhunterz is a much listened to artist.

Apart from the wide support for this artist based off his YouTube presence is his support from the hardstyle community as a whole. When late 2017 saw his return after a temporary hiatus, Q-Dance celebrated his comeback with a dedicated event in honor of his much missed presence: The Return of Headhunterz. Furthermore, the excitement from the crowd can heard from the recorded set from his performance there in the video below.

Headhunterz set
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