Hippie Sabotage’s Latest Tracks and Upcoming “Direction of Dreams” Tour

Hippie Sabotage's latest tracks 'Overdrive' and 'Wrong Time' and their upcoming tour

Hippie Sabotage, composed of brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer, is a Sacramento-based electronic music duo that blend EDM with various genres. Some of those genres in their music include indie rock, hip-hop, and chillwave. To emphasize, Hippie Sabotage have grown from aspiring teenage producers at home to mainstage festival acts with over 1 billion Spotify streams. Their notable tracks include their remix of Tove Lo’s “Stay High” and “Devil Eyes“. Among the prominent festivals the brothers performed at are Austin City Limits, Electric Forest, Bumbershoot, and Imagine Music Festival. Likewise, Hippie Sabotage will begin their upcoming “Direction of Dreams” tour on Feb. 26, 2020.

Their first stop is The Observatory in Santa Ana, Calif. The other cites on the tour include Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco. Before the tour gets discussed, their latest tracks, “Overdrive” and “Wrong Time”, will be reviewed. The tracks came out on Jan. 16, 2020 and they are currently available for download on all streaming platforms. Here are the reviews of “Overdrive” and “Wrong Time”.

Review of “Overdrive”

First, “Overdrive” provides vocals that are deep, emotional, and allow listeners to feel omnipresent, positive vibes. The track has guitar riffs that would make listeners imagine that they’re relaxing on a sunny beach. The energetic drumbeats enhanced the chillwave sounds that are in “Overdrive”. Near the end, the sounds became more tranquil and the vocals got deeper. Afterwards, the riveting guitar solo gave the track a cool ending

Review of “Wrong Time”

Next up is “Wrong Time”, which has a low-key indie rock and hip-hop combination to it. The guitar strumming paired nicely with the rhythmic vocals and bass drums that talked about a complicated relationship. The melancholic lyrics of “Wrong Time” also have psychedelic-like vibes in the track as well. Accordingly, this track can allow listeners to reminisce on memories where they gave a lot to the relationship and not seeing the same returned to them. It is a good track that can be played in private settings such as bedrooms or public surroundings like music festivals.

“Direction of Dreams”

As mentioned before, Hippie Sabotage’s “Direction of Dreams” tour begins tomorrow at The Observatory in Santa Ana, Calif. Before they returned to the U.S., the duo last performed at Sutton in Barcelona on Jan. 29, 2020. Their next shows in California are on Feb. 27 in San Diego, Feb. 28 once again in Santa Ana, and Feb. 29 in San Francisco. Hippie Sabotage will fly over to Spokane, Wash. where they will perform at Knitting Factory on March 3. Hippie Sabotage will also be supported on their tour with fellow artists, Sebastian Paul and ilo ilo. Fans can purchase their tickets for any of Hippie Sabotage’s shows on the duo’s official website.

Hippie Sabotage Direction of Dreams Tour
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