How Does Calvin Harris Spend His Fortune?

Calvin Harris - Richest DJ at $190 Million Net Worth

Calvin Harris, born as Adam Richard Wiles, is currently in the lead when it comes to net worth. Before his DJ career took off, Wiles was stocking shelves at a local grocery store to buy equipment to make music. Currently, his net worth is estimated to be about $240 million. So, how does Calvin Harris, the richest DJ in the world, spend his fortune?

Calvin Harris and Charities

Wiles is very involved in charity work, between donating big sums of money and participating in charity events, he makes an impact.

Unfortunately, everyone has heard about the infamous shooting in 2017 at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Wiles took initiative and donated the booking fee from one of his concerts to help support the victims of this tragic event.

In addition, Calvin Harris can be found donating money, time, and items to various charities. He donated $20,000 to help the Rohingya refugees and donated his lucky Adidas trainers that he signed to the Small Steps Project.

Luxury Items

As almost every celebrity, Wiles can be found driving around in luxurious cars. Currently, he can be found riding around Los Angeles in his McLaren 12C.

Calvin Harris with his car
Adam Richard Wiles and his McLaren 12C

Back in 2018, Harris bought Steve Angello’s house in Hollywood Hills. As a matter of fact, the house is perfect for the musician, with a built-in 2-story music room and studio. From the amazing views to the gorgeous layout, this house is surely built for a king. However, this house recently sold.

In addition to the recently sold house, Harris owns a 10-bedroom apartment in Beverly Hills and a 2.5-acre lot in Bel Air. Harris is supposedly getting sued by his neighbor due to his Bel Air house leaking sludge onto her property. His plans to build an 18,000 square foot mansion on the property have been approved for construction. The new house will include five bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms.

He also upgraded his parents from a modest house in Dumfries, Scotland, to a five bedroom mansion in Somerset. Calvin Harris is currently the top-paid DJ in the industry, and his fortune makes complete sense with the amount of talent he has.

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