Insomniac Sends EDC Pods For Bahamas Hurricane Relief

Support Insomniac is aiding displaced Bahamians

Hurricane Dorian Devastates Bahamas

One month ago, Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas leaving 70,000 plus Bahamians without a home. Amongst various aid organizations, Insomniac has decided to use festival resources to show support.

View GoFundMe and/or donate here.

The electronic music empire hopes to house 5,000 hurricane victims. As of five days ago, Insomniac already sent around 750 Camp EDC Shiftpod2 Advanced Shelter Systems from Las Vegas. Also, these are no ordinary tents. The luxurious pods come intact with air conditioning and electrical outlets.

Insomniac Unloads Pods

Normally reserved for 25,000 festival-goers who can afford to party in style, it is wonderful to see Insomniac sharing the love. The EDM community is all about helping one another, and Insomniac is setting a precedent for future engagement.

EDM Giving Back

Festivals like EDC are lucrative events, and by now are sizeable enough to give back. Insomniac Cares providing Bahamas relief shows just one possible avenue. For example, we are starting to see noble initiatives from major events like Ultra’s new sustainability program.

camp edc from insomniac
Camp EDC

In order to further increase EDM philanthropy, there needs to be a collective effort. Hopefully Insomniac and Ultra are just the beginning of a growing trend. Everyone can do something to help whether that means donating, getting more involved, or sharing the news. To sum up, the electronic music community has the opportunity to make a difference and we should all get behind it.

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