One EDM Exclusive Interview with SKIY, House Music’s Rising Star

One EDM Interviews German House Music's Rising Star, SKIY

SKIY is a rising star in the German house music scene who grew up in a musically-enriched environment. The producer and DJ got trained as a pianist at a young age, as well as being inspired by her jazz singer mother. Her innovative musical style, which merge heavy-hitting beats with sultry melodies, has drawn comparisons with other prominent house DJs and producers such as Fisher and Chris Lake. SKIY recently released two new singles, a remix of B.B.E’s 1995 hit single “Seven Days and One Week” on June 7th and “Use Me” on August 23rd. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with SKIY, who recently performed at Lollapalooza Berlin last weekend.

Kenny Ngo: Were you very excited when you performed at Lollapalooza Berlin?

SKIY: Oh yes, of course. It was my first time playing and I can’t wait to perform there again.

Which DJ or producer did you look forward to seeing at the festival?

I have a few! It would have to be Underworld who are just legendary with Two Month Off and of course Born Slippy.

Speaking of festivals, which has been your festival to perform at and why?

My summer tour was so overwhelming, there were so many good moments! I played both Summerburst Stockholm and Gothenburg which was incredible, but also Airbeat One and Untold were both breathtaking festivals to be a part of. For me though, the biggest honor this summer had to be playing Ultra Europe on their Resistance Stage.

Is there a music festival that you haven’t perform at yet that you would love to perform at in the future?

Oh yes, it’s got to be Tomorrowland. I love the festival and it would be an amazing opportunity to play there. It’s one of the most mind-blowing festivals I’ve ever seen!

In regards to your newest single, “Use Me”, what are the signature traits of the track?

For me it’s the vocals and beats that are the core components that add a special feeling to this track. It’s a very clubby track and I love the vibes it creates on the dance floor. 

How does “Use Me” compare to the singles that you had released in the past several months, “Seven Days and One Week”, “Eyes For You”, and “Talking”?

“Use Me” is more powerful, and is definitely directed towards more underground and club leaning realms.

In your opinion, what are the most significant differences in your musical style today compared to the musical style when you first began your career?

Producing music for me is always a journey. I’m soaking in so many influences and ideas when I’m travelling. I love to try new styles and new techniques when I’m producing music and therefore each track is very individual and provides its own signature energy.

Who would you like to work or collaborate with in the future?

ARTBAT has to be a favourite of mine, they’re definitely some of the best talent coming out of the tech and melodic house scenes right now. I also love Solomun, he is a true pioneer on the scene and has been a key influence on my own journey. I’m also enjoying the fresh wave of artists taking over the underground right now, including artists like Fisher, Chris Lake or Solardo, their ability to bring club music into the mainstream is second to none and I would love to collaborate with them one day.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is practicing to become a DJ or producer?

I would always say follow your heart and trust in your own inspiration. I know it sounds like the typical cliche thing to say, but it works. Besides following the basic steps, it’s important to also trust the creativity and passion you wish to follow inside you. Trust in yourself and in the end, it will all eventually fall into place.

This question is related to football (or “soccer” as many Americans call it here). When it comes to national teams, do you support Brazil, Croatia, or Germany the most?

Oh that’s difficult. I’m not really into soccer or following teams as such, but I love the vibes during the game and would always be down for going to a game when I return to one of my many hometowns. I guess if it was the World Cup, I would be rooting for all three haha, I just wouldn’t be able to single one out! Each country holds a special place in my heart.

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