Jaenga Opens Film Studio ‘Deer Studios’ in Manhattan

Producer and DJ Jaenga partners with James Rogers-Gahan and Alexander Menjivar to open Deer Studios, located in the heart of Manhattan. Before his career as a producer, Jaenga shot music videos for industry titans, Columbia Records, Monstercat, Ultra Music. Over time the skills that he has accumulated brought him to the decision that ended with him deciding to open his own film studio in NYC. Nothing is more important to Jaenga than the community within the music industry. With this new studio, he will have the ability to evolve his music career while still being able to stay artistic and continue to set himself and any other artists that work with him apart from the rest.

The new film studio will focus on creating music videos and is stacked with state of the art technology. As the electronic music industry grows there is going to be a need for more music videos as they put out a clearer message to fans and artists alike. One thing that Jaenga wants to focus on is bringing more sensory emotions to music. When you’re watching a music video you are using more than one sense. Not just hearing the music but also seeing whatever the artist wants to convey through the video. It is a way for artists to set themselves apart and really show someone what they are capable of while also gaining relationships and collaboration within the community.

The Finished Product

About Deer Studios

Jaenga and his partners have been working together for awhile now creating high quality video content as seen above in his music video for “Got Them Movin featuring Born I Music”.  This new space has opened so many doors for any creators that need a place to go and create great content. Offering rentals of cameras all the way up to the top of the line 8k S35 RED helium, making the sky the limit for any videos produced at Deer Studios. This is just the beginning so watch for many high-quality music videos to be coming out soon from the studio. Anyone who wants to collaborate or work with the studio can inquire here.

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