Jai Wolf’s Upcoming Album

Jai Wolf is set to release a new album on April 5, 2019, titled “The Cure to Loneliness”. So far, the artist has released two songs in anticipation for his new project. The new releases have a much different sound than than what Jai Wolf is commonly known for.

Titled “Telepathy” and “Lose my Mind (feat. Mr Gabriel)”, the pre-releases have a much more Indie feel, rather than Dance. The incorporation of acoustic instruments opens a new realm of sounds less commonly used by EDM artists. It seems that this new acoustic vibe will continue throughout his album, and it is exciting to see a beloved artist dabble into new sub-genres of EDM.

“Lose My Mind (feat. Mr Gabriel)” Official Music Video

About Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf is a New York-based DJ, most well known for his hit single “Indian Summer”. In addition, he is a part of the popular label, Foreign Family Collective, established by ODESZA. This has given him a growing outreach, including the opportunity to be featured at the new music festival, Sundara. Since creating beautiful remixes of others’ music, he has released his debut album, “Kindred Spirits” and is continuing to expand his sound and career with the upcoming album.

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