Introducing Keyframe’s Music Video Remix of IAMEVE’s “Starman”

OneEDM is proud to announce the world premiere of Keyframe-Entertainment’s IAMEVE “Starman” Music Video Remix.

While we are all familiar with song remixes augmenting popular tunes into various genres suitable to a diverse range of dance floors, remixing a music video is altogether new territory. “Starman” truly represents a new genre of music video production and collaboration.

The EDM community has long been regarded as a remix culture fostering the production of new creative works by combining, skewing, and transforming original material, namely in the production of new musical tracks. It was from this philosophy of remixology that Julian Reyes of Keyframe-Entertainment was inspired to not only produce the music remixes of IAMEVE’s 2016 “Starman,” but to remix the music video as well. Possibly among the first executive producers to remix a music video alongside two remixed tracks, Keyframe’s “Starman” Music Video Remix is sure to draw attention from the dance community worldwide.

The video for IAMEVE’s debut single “Starman” premiered in Los Angeles in September 2016. The original track was co-produced by David Christophere of Rabbit in the Moon and the video directed by Thor Freudenthal (“Percy Jackson”, “Diary of A Wimpy Kid”). In the video, the Starman is played by Keon Alexander (FX’s “Tyrant”), with IAMEVE painted in sacred geometry by body artist Michael Rosner.

“Starman is about transcendence through union and is part of a transmedia fairytale I’m developing called ‘The Everything Nothing'”, states singer IAMEVE. “The goal was to find a visual representation of Eve helping Starman awaken into a multi-dimensional world and we wanted the bodies and landscape to be made of the same fabric.  Thor Freudenthal helped envision how to make that possible and Michael Rosner’s spectacular artwork created the perfect vessel for the visuals.”

Inspired by the idea of remixing IAMEVE’s “Starman”, Reyes wanted to take the idea of evolving the work into Electronic Dance Music.

“It happened organically. No mandate or directive but for the pure sake of exploration, creation, and expression,” said Reyes, recounting the collaboration. “I wanted to see how far the original work could be influenced by electronic music culture while retaining its authenticity. I really love the original music video and appreciate the hard work that IAMEVE’s team put forth. For me, the objective was to create a new expression of their beautiful work while keeping the essence of the original composition in mind.”

Keyframe’s team mixed various electronic music genres such as Temple Bass and Drum & Bass to create a new iteration of the original. Keyframe is also the associate producer on the forthcoming dance music documentary “The American Jungle,” and wanted to experiment with the genre by incorporating it into this project.

“The genres have matured and the subgenres have evolved, and they can now interact in unison in my opinion,” says Reyes.

The Temple Bass remix was created by Dissolv and Mixwell. Dissolv, backed by label Merkaba, has played a wide range of dance floors, from Lucidity Festival to Cosmic Convergence. His work in dance music extends even beyond the dance floor with his project Calibrate, combining electronic music with sound healing.

Dissolv LIVE @ Wormhole. Lantern by Wildlight (Dissolv remix)

New KEYFRAME music release. http://keyframe-entertainment.comArtist: Wildlight http://www.wearewildlight.comRemixer: Dissølv http://www.dissolv.nethttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lantern-dissolv-remix-single/id1091038029Filmed and edited by Montjuic Arts.Venue: New Parish in OaklandPromoter / Event filmed: Wormhole SF Bay AreaWILDLIGHTWildlight is the space between the notes, the earth’s undulating pulse, the modern echoes of ancient rhythms. It is a sound that will spark your body into motion and swing your soul into flight. An unlikely pairing of a folk songwriter and an electronic music composer has yielded a new sound; music that gracefully traverses human emotions, but can also jumpstart a party into a syncopated bounce.While vocalist Ayla Nereo delicately crafts songs that climb and tumble through a landscape of crescendos and harmonies, seasoned composer David Sugalski (aka The Polish Ambassador) keeps the beats and bass rooted deep in the subatomic layers of the earth.https://www.facebook.com/wildlightmusic/timelineDISSOLV (REMIXER)With Psychedelic Future Bass, deep organic Dubstep and live instrumentation, Dissølv brings its listeners into a state of awareness that will reignite their ancestral roots of dance, ultimately dissolving the mind, body and ego. Dissølv has been on an ever-evolving sonic journey since 2010, with early origins as a live electronic band opening for world-class artists like Shpongle and Infected Mushroom.He most recently performed at Wormhole Wednesday and the 2015 Cosmic Convergence Festival.

Posted by KEYFRAME on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

In unison with his conscious expansion of dance music’s potential, Mixwell (collaborator on the Bass remix) is currently establishing a music studio in Guatemala for conscious EDM retreats.

“In my work with Dissolv, I’ve been very impressed with his range of remix styles such as Wildlight’s ‘Lantern’ and Aquatic Collective’s ‘Water Warriors’”, comments Reyes. “Currently, Keyframe and Dissolv are working on remixes for Malian‘s unreleased album and Scarlet Crow’s new track.”

The Drum & Bass remix was created by Dandy Ryder, a duo composed of Derek Ryan and Andy Schneider. Derek Ryan is a well-known trance artist based in Tokyo whose music has been released by Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records, Noys Music, Echleon Records, We Stand Alone, and more. Andy Schneider a.k.a Ammo is a San Francisco-based DJ and percussionist who has won artist recognition from URB Magazine and performs live hand percussion alongside SF’s finest DJs.

Keyframe’s mixing didn’t stop there. As if mixing various genres, artists, and their diverse backgrounds weren’t enough, Reyes also sought the expertise of DIRTYHERTZ to remix this dual-genre composition. DIRTYHERTZ is an accomplished producer whose talent and versatility also extend to his DJ-ing. He has played across the world from Shanghai to Pacha, Ibiza and has shared the stage with international stars such as Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Above & Beyond, Markus Schultz, DaDa Life, Darude and many more.

“I think the Down Tempo Bass remix from Dissolv and Mixwell, along with the melodic Drum & Bass remix from Dandy Ryder, really rounded out the single,” states IAMEVE.

The final task was mixing the original “Starman” video with Keyframe’s new hyper-blend. The video remix was done by Megan Stone of Lucidity Festival and Optimystic Media.

“It’s the same narrative but told in a different voice,” comments Reyes. “I gave Stone total creative freedom to work, continuing that organic transformation process we already had going with the Temple Bass and DnB remix. This gave Stone enough of a platform for further remix potential with the visual imagery.”

Even the artwork of the music release was “remixed” using Photoshop and filtering different colors for the remixes.

“Keyframe-Entertainment produces, supports, and distributes cutting-edge projects focused on film, electronic music, visionary art, community building, and Transformational Festival culture,” states Reyes.

The final product, premiering here on OneEDM, is a rare bird to say the least. Keyframe’s “Starman” Music Video Remix presents a first-of-its-kind audio/visual experience that is sure to inspire other remix works while setting a high bar for future remix music video reproductions. Keyframe’s music video remix of IAMEVE’s “Starman” is a model example of what music and video artists can create with today’s software, inspired direction, and the right mix of creativity and collaboration.

In Keyframe’s “Starman” Music Remixes, the dual-genres in the music video can be heard side by side or played individually here.


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