Listen to deadmau5’s beautiful new unreleased progressive house track

Deadmau5‘s new album is coming along well, and based upon the initial previews, it appears to be well worth the wait. The Canadian icon has already delivered official singles like “Snowcone” and “Saved,” giving a taste of what’s to come on his 8th studio album.

Zimmerman recently treated fans to an unabridged listen of a brand new unreleased track via Twitch. Spanning over 8 minutes in length, the track embodies the well-engineered brand of progressive house deadmau5 is best known for. One can only hope the piece will be announced as an official part of Zimmerman’s forthcoming new album.

Zimmerman also recently took to Twitch to broadcast a live recreation of the Stranger Things main theme, which is ultimately turned into his own unofficial remix.


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