Malaa Stages Arrest At Bassmnt In San Diego

The mysterious and unidentifiable Dj known as Malaa staged a fake arrest while performing at Bassmnt San Diego March 23, 2019. A rather popular tweet of the masked performer being detained and escorted off stage surfaced.


After examining the video it can be seen that the officer executed the arrest in a poor manner. Malaa handled the situation with almost no interpretation. However, this act does seem to meet the style of Malaa’s usual tone.

On top of everything, the officer that had Malaa detained has been seen elsewhere.

Also, the video above is a vlog by David Dobrik in which he pranks his friend with a fake arrest. Furthermore, just by taking a look at the thumbnail we can see a very familiar face.

Officer Burke

Officer Burke is a cop for hire from a website dubbed Cop Shop L.A. This does show the links Malaa is willing to go through to maintain his image of a “crook.” With titles like Illicit EP and Illegal Mixtape, Malaa certainly hasn’t tried to avoid any association with criminality.

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