Man Banned from Festival for Taking LSD

Over the weekend, a man named Pete Townshend took a disturbing amount of LSD. A total of 20 tabs of the substance was consumed and all were recorded. This incident took place at a festival run by Kosmic Events. Not one tab, not, two, not three, but 20 tabs, so yes, this is a high dose all are unsafe. He eventually posted a short clip of him in the act on Twitter which in the end went viral. Ironically, his Twitter name is “humantestkit.”

The clip was eventually seen by festival owner Daniel Green, who in response had this to say.

To some, it may seem messed up that he was banned from the festival entirely. Although, before jumping to any conclusions or call the owner wrong for banning him, there is more to the story. He mentions on Twitter:

“He left in an ambulance and was a problem for everyone. And then he came back to try to sneak back in and we had to get him off the property.”

Clearly, if he rushes back into the event with his hospital gown, there are some issues at hand. Drug use is apparent in the dance music scene, here, in the unwelcome form of LSD. As seen, this was a rough experience for the festival attendee. The unwise decision he made, to use drugs, is one that can ruin lives. In the end, those who are around should be treated with respect and care they deserve. Fortunately, the individual was treated and the festival organizers discouraged his behavior.

Pete has apparently learned his lesson and understands the situation he put himself into. Furthermore, it is all reasonable for the festival authorities to handle it the way they did. Let us all hope he gets the chance to rave another sober day.

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Lucas Banda

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