Martin Garrix Cancels Shows Due to Ankle Injury

Martin Garrix is recovering from an ankle injury putting his upcoming appearances on hold ultimately by cancelling them altogether. The news came in the form of a press statement posted to Martin Garrix’s Facebook page along with an image of him with his ankle in a cast.

Naturally, the best way to recover is to stave off further injury. In an effort to prevent such injury from causing permanent damage the artist will be staying off his feet. Amidst the sadness of such an injury is a lot of warm emotional support from his fans wish him good health. Fortunately, there is no backlash from fans disappointed that there chances to see him perform have been cancelled. Martin Garrix sustained an injury during his appearance at an event in Las Vegas on May 25, 2019.

Furthermore, Martin Garrix explains the need for an apparent surgery on his ankle. One that his career seemingly depends on as he explains that without it he may not be able to perform at shows at all. Since he is good to himself, he has made the wise decision to take care of himself.

He is also very understanding of the feelings of his fans, too, for the disappointment they have of not being able to see him and not knowing if he is okay. He says he never wants to disappoint his fans but the cancellation is justifiably the best thing for Martin Garrix.

While injuries to DJs performing at festivals is not unheard of it is unacceptable that such dangers to cause injuries to Martin Garrix. Likewise, the anyone attending a festival are in need of a safe environment to enjoy the entertainment of the festival experience. Unfortunately, a fall through a stage occurred during a festival one that caused permanent damage to a DJ. This DJ, Paul van Dyke, reportedly fell through the stage during his performance resulting in a multi-million dollar settlement.

Money does not pay back the true cost of these injurious experiences although it may help in the recovery. Afterall, there is discussion about the apparent necessity for medical crews at festivals. A safety culture must be in set in place or we are doomed to see these dangerous events occuring at festivals. While event organizers such as Insomniac have a volunteer support team called “Ground Control” there has yet to be a determinate solution to preventing these mishaps.

In recent festivals, weather conditions such as high-winds led to a mandatory evacuation of the stages at EDC. Other affairs like the tragic helicopter crash at Backwoods Festival in Ozark, Arkansas remain under investigation. One question remains: how do you ensure the safety of festival spectators?

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