Martin Garrix: New Face of Armani Exchange Fall 2017 Line

Armani Exchange has announced that Martin Garrix is the face of their fall line. Seems that electronic music is here to stay and it’s no surprise that it’s consistently crossing over as a predominant figure in the fashion world.  Fashion has always played an important part in music videos, live performances and public appearances.  Runway shows and Victoria Secret’s annual live fashion shows always have some kind of musical performance.

Armani Exchange has always been an avid supporter of music, especially electronic dance music. Hosting names like Above and Beyond, Cosmic Gate, Armin van Buuren and no one is soon to forget Tiesto live at South Beach.

EDM artists are no stranger to working on both sides, recently Diplo signed with Next Modeling Agency, as well as duo Angel and Dren who have performed at NY Fashion Week and Coachella.

Photos for Diplo and Angel and Dren from Facebook

“I am very thankful and very happy with how everything turned out,” Garrix says in an emailed statement. “To me, Armani Exchange is elegant, but its also ahead of the curve. The clothing I was wearing for the campaign shoot, I would wear all of the time, because it’s comfy, super refreshing, unique, but still elegant and classic.”





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