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One EDM x DrewBeats

One EDM is proud to present the Memphis Millennial artist collective; a group of Memphis natives who wish to showcase all of the amazing talents that Memphis has to offer. There are so many gifted individuals within the musical city of Memphis and these artists deserve some recognition. For it’s feature presentation, OneEDM got to sit down with Drew Morris aka DrewBeats, a Memphis native and music producer who has been in the scene for a decade this year.

How it all began

Drew began listening to electronic music in 2009 however, his life was forever changed in 2010 when he experienced Bassnectar for the first time/ It was that moment when Drew’s electronic music journey began. As his eyes opened, his musical tastes began to shift and morph into all different kinds of genres.

I remember going in with a button down shirt and slacks… I had no idea what I was in for! By the end of the night I was glow sticked out with a bandana, a bunch of kandi, and a totally different outlook on life. I was forever changed by the Bassnectar experience.

History of DrewBeats

Drew comes from a diverse musical background. Not only can he play the piano, guitar, and drums, but he also went to the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga on a full scholarship to sing opera. At that point, Drew already had his foot in the door with EDM shows and he realized that school was not where he was supposed to be. He decided to follow his heart and began making music in 2011. He partnered up with friend Nathan Sparks to form Tennessee Bass Massacre from 2012-2015.

In 2015, Drew shifted his focus to his own music production and has spent a lot of time curating his unique sound. DrewBeats was born in 2017 and has been making waves in the local scene ever since. He is unbelievably multifaceted when it comes to the production of his music. Between writing his own lyrics, singing and/or rapping, creating his own original, organic sounds, and using live instrumentation, his magical touch takes you on a beautiful journey with each and every song. His versatility has shown in all of his works, and you can feel the love and passion he puts into each track. Every song that he creates tells a story. His songs vary from down-tempo to upbeat, all of them layered with different instruments and organic sounds. He classifies his music as experimental electronica with a spacey, hip hop, old school vibe and plays between 60 and 95 BPMs. tries his best to take people on a journey when he plays live sets. Depending on the show, he will either do a completely original drew beats live set with guitartist Nick Hein and turntablist Will Nichols aka Gill-Yum (who also plays in local band Agori Tribe) or if it is more of a rave or club event, he will do a solo DrewBeats set that’s a little less experimental and a little more dancey. His unique sound has been inspired by some of the biggest names in the industry, such as DJ Shadow, Pretty Lights, Gramatik and Haywyre.

I like to keep my music real as possible. I’ve switched from virtual computer synths to analogue synthesizers and craft all sounds from scratch as opposed to using presets in order to make completely original music.

Daily Life

On a typical day, you can find Drew in Station 8, a full-service studio that offers professional quality at affordable rates. He and his partner, local musician Nick Hein, own the studio where all the magic happens. Nick handles all of the audio engineerings, and you can hear him play the guitar in many of DrewBeat’s tracks. They also have an experimental post-rock project under the moniker AmalgaNation. According to Drew, Nick has helped shape him into the artist that he is today.

Current and Future DrewBeats Projects

We should expect to see a lot of great music from DrewBeats in 2019. He has just wrapped up his debut music video “Imploding Skyline” and is currently in the studio finishing a new EP called “Mind Over Matter” that should be released in a few weeks. He is also planning to throw an official DrewBeats show after the release; bringing a few artists from out of town as well as local support.

DrewBeats is still a fairly new project and it has already evolved more then I could imagine in just one year. In 2019, I really plan on getting some solid shows lined up. My main objective at this point though is content creation and Brand development. I want to emphasize the evolution of what I envision for this DrewBeats Project. There isn’t a genre or label you can honestly put it under. Certain tracks yes, but the journey is the purpose and I want to fully immerse myself in new ideas and thoughts. If you’ve listened to my album Little Moon Village, you’ll hear me sing, rap, play the piano, strings, heavy synths and bass wobbles. I want to continue to push what people expect to hear from a song, in the most positive way possible.

Be sure to checkout DrewBeats new album Little Moon Village on Spotify, Amazon Music and Youtube.

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