Michael Brun Releases “Jalouzi” Dance Music Video

Music Video of “Jalouzi” by Michael Brun

About Micheal Brun’s Music Video

Michael Brun released his dance music video for “Jalouzi” recently and we can’t get enough of it. First of all, Brun’s goal was to capture the “energy, life and raw ingenuity” of Jalouzi through dance and creative style, secondly, the video was shot on cellphone cameras, which gives it an effortlessly cool feel to its composition. The dancers featured, Triana Steward, Haitian American Alain “Hurrikane” Lautur, and Maleek Washington, are all amazing local NYC dancers who are rising in the industry.

Michael Brun

Capturing Haitian Culture

Brun truly incorporates his native Haitian culture into his music, but his work doesn’t stop with his own production. Michael Brun recently developed a series titled ‘City Series’ that strives to bring attention to more producers and communities globally. Previously, he participated in philanthropic work with The Artist Institute and Beat Making Lab.

It is pretty easy to be a fan of Michael Brun and anyone like him who puts time and energy into being globally conscious while producing unique tracks and visuals. Finally, check out the “Jalouzi” video below.

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