Miss Tara Produces Theme Track for John Travolta’s Movie ‘Speed Kills’

Miss Tara Theme Song

Toronto-based DJ and producer Miss Tara has moved into making music for Hollywood movies. She has recently produced the theme song for the upcoming John Travolta movie Speed Kills.

The theme song is a Latin-banger featuring Miss Tara’s catchy, summertime beats over Colombian singer Jaycob Duque’s mellifluous vocals. The song flawlessly suits the movie’s contents. Miss Tara’s “Speed Kills” featuring Jaycob Duque will be distributed by Universal Music Latin Entertainment/Aftercluv.

Miss Tara

Speed Kills is loosely based on a true story about the speedboat-racing champion and multimillionaire Ben Aronoff. Played by John Travolta, he leads a double life that lands him in trouble with the law, mob, and drug lords.

Music Video + Virtual Reality

Miss Tara is currently filming the music video for Speed Kills with Apache Star, one of the most famous and valuable powerboats ever built in the United States of America. Built in 1992, the speedboat has only been in competition three times. She is also a two-time champion, and in 2015 rode from the USA to Cuba in only 90 minutes, a world record.

Apache Star is owned by Roger Anthony Cassius Klueh, a German charismatic racer and ex-ice hockey professional.

Apache Star powerboat

Additionally, Producer Richard Rionda Del Castro and his partners Travis Cloyd and Guy Griffithe of TopdogVR are announcing a 360-degree experience shot alongside the feature film.

The groundbreaking experience is eight episodes at 7-9 minutes per episode. Each episode will cover immersive boat racing, mobster beatings, drug running, as well as DEA chasing in 360 degrees of action. It is one of the first VR-drama’s to ever be released and certainly the longest produced ever to date.

Coming off a massive win for the Best Feature Film VR 2018 at Cinequest Film Festival in Silicon Valley this past month, the cinematic VR experience ‘Speed Kills VR’ released in April.

‘Speed Kills VR’ will also be premiering at Marché Du Film Festival Du Cannes May 8-17 in France. It also released on Google DayDream, Oculus Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Viveport, and iOS on April 25. Just in time for the Oculus Go stand-alone headset to release to the market in May within the US.

Speed Kills

Speed Kills is produced by Hannibal Pictures’ producers Richard Rionda Del Castro, Luillo Luiz, and Oscar Generale. The soundtrack is composed by Geronimo Mercado and produced by Laurent Eyquem. The music video is produced by Jean-Marc Lopez and Tara Mobayen.

Stars of the film include John Travolta, Kathryn Winnick, Kellan Lutz, Jordi Molla, James Remar, Jennifer Esposito, Tom Sizemore, and Moran Atias.

The movie is being distributed by Hannibal Classics and will soon reach audiences across the world.

John Travolta as Ben Aronoff

The film starts with Ben Aronoff (Travolta), millionaire construction manager, suddenly relocating himself and his family from New Jersey to Miami Beach. He leaves behind his successful business, classic car collection, and luxurious home to find a fresh start.

Once in Miami, Aronoff finds his shady mob connections but wants to start a new life without any muscle behind him. He soon finds happiness in powerboat racing and purchases a boat.

Race Life

After being defeated in the prestigious Miami to Nassau race from his boat overheating, Aronoff makes it his mission to become a champion racer. To achieve this, he creates his first company Formula Marine. Through Formula Marine, he introduces innovations that quickly become the standard in powerboat racing.

After building the value of the company, he sells it for millions and later creates a new company called Magnum Marine. One year after finding the company, he wins his first powerboat championship but has spent so much money on racing that he is unable to keep up financially.

At this time, Aronoff sees no other choice than to call his mob benefactor Meyer Lansky (James Remar).

Crime Life

After partnering with Meyer, Aronoff soon becomes a respected earner for the mob. While working with the mob, he becomes enemies with Meyer’s nephew Ben Kramer, a hot-headed marijuana trafficker.

With his criminal connections, Aronoff begins making more money than he knows what to do with. However, he gets tired of running all of the mob’s errands. His lavish lifestyle of womanizing drives his wife away. Aronoff then finds new love with his new wife Lillian, a smart and gorgeous woman of prestige.

Aronoff’s boats, racing championships, and likable personality leads him to fame. Through his reputation, he is able to sell boats to celebrities like The Beatles and politicians like George Bush. Once developing a relationship with Bush, he sees an opportunity to leave his criminal ties behind.

Once Bush becomes Vice President of the United States, Aronoff is able to form deals where he provides the boats for customs service as well as the DEA. However, it is at this time that Aronoff’s enemy, Kramer, forces him to turn over the company.

Frustrated with Kramer, he tries to fight back but finds himself in the middle of a money laundering investigation involving the entire mob.

With time running out, Aronoff learns that a forthcoming subpoena may be the only thing that might keep him behind bars. The true story, featuring Miss Tara’s Latin hit, Speed Kills will hit theatres worldwide in November.

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