Netflix: Little Black Mirror Mini-series Cast Alesso

Netflix is about to release a new mini-series – Little Black Mirror. It will star Alesso, also known as Alessandro Lindblad. The name of his character isn’t known yet. In the trailer, his role is limited. The show is set in a dystopian world. Three short stories are currently ready for viewing. These segments will air on YouTube every Sunday, until June 9. This show targets the Spanish-speaking viewer. Unlike television shows, this one relies on stars on YouTube to create stories within the Black Mirror universe. The original show was created by Charlie Brooker. The new Netflix mini series is directed by Rudy Mancuso.

The videos will be on the Latin version of YouTube – Netflix America Latina YouTube. It will air in Latin American countries in Spanish. The original show, Black Mirror, is in its fifth season. It will air on Netflix on June 5.

Swedish-born star Alesso is a DJ/producer. He recently released a new mixtape called ‘Alesso Mixtape-Progresso Volume 1.’ It contains three songs. One of his most popular singles is ‘Remedy.’ He released a video for another song – ‘TIME.’ In the video, a robot boy walks through a destroyed world. His ultimate goal is to represent the culture of dance music. He is interested in re-creating the past and creating a new future for this genre of music. The three songs in the mixtape are – ‘Progresso,’ ‘Confession,’ and ‘Time.’

Alesso was scheduled to perform at several festivals including Ultra Miami, Beyond Wonderland, and Disneyland Paris’ Electroland. He will visit the U.K. this summer.

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