NGHTMRE Tour Bus Involved in Crash; No Serious Injuries Sustained

NGHTMRE's tour bus crash en route to Houston from Dallas

NGHTMRE’s tour bus was on the way to Houston for a show at Stereo Live when an accident occurred. A serious crash left several crew members with injuries, while some had to be rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

An official report from ABC News said the accident happened this morning; however, the trap and dubstep producer released a tweet about the incident that said it occurred last night. According to the ABC News report, it stated everyone on the tour bus had minor injuries. Six were treated on-site while five had to be taken to hospital as they had more serious injuries.

After the accident

Thankfully, NGHTMRE is fine and as they say, the show must go on. He will be performing tonight in Houston as planned. However, because of the accident, “The Portal” stage will not be featured at the show.

Accidents can happen on the road without any warning sometimes; thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.

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