Noisia Announces Final Tour After Two Decades Together

Noisia is breaking up

17 September 2019, Noisia announced on their website that they will begin closing the curtains after an era of making music together. Twenty years is a long career for any artist, and this group has finally had enough. As a result, they announced plans to “go out with a bang” and host a final tour through 2020, the end of which will mark the end of their collective career. Read the full statement below:

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Noisia 2000-2020

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The statement provided is heartfelt and honest. Fans may be disappointed with the news, but cannot deny the honorable sendoff that is about to unfold. The group’s label UKF, as well as Billboard News, released initial interviews about the decision to split.


Noisia is a bass music project comprised of three Dutch producers Thijs de Vlieger, Nik Roos, and Martijn van Sonderen. Firstly, they made waves in drum and bass early on in their career and continued to make hits in other genres, Noisia earned elite status in the electronic music scene.

Noisia 2000-2020

Looking back over the years, Noisia has brought plenty of hits to the EDM world. This includes hard-hitting classics like Dustup, Tommy’s Theme, and recent old school d’n’b revamp banger non-responsive. We may not see new tracks in the future, but fans should rejoice and appreciate everything that Noisia created.

A good artist should know when an artwork is finished.


Today, we face a bittersweet end to a long and fruitful career for the Dutch trio. Together, they performed all over the world at festivals and various concerts, and they are confident that did all they can as a unit. Who are we to disagree? This is not an end to the artists, simply the name Noisia is being laid to rest. As the statement hints, we may see future innovations and creations from the veteran producers.

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