Okeechobee 2020 Returns Under Insomniac

As if 2019 was not already off to a killer start with festivals all over the United States and world bringing in lineups that could bring anyone to tears this year is only getting better. It has been officially confirmed that Insomniac has bought out the controlling share of Okeechobee Music Festival from Soundslinger, LLC and Okeechobee 2020 will be occurring.

In previous years, the festival has witnessed 100,000 strangers flood the grounds to the home of Sunshine Grove. Okeechobee has brought together a tight knit community of fans, attendees, musicians, artists and staff over the previous couple years. However, the arts festival did not open its gates for the 2019 year. This left us to wonder, “Will it ever be back?”.

Closing Down For 2019

To the dismay of many EDM lovers, Okeechobee announced that for 2019 they would not be returning to Sunshine Grove. This festival was a fan favorite of not only EDM lovers, but also campers, and spring breakers. Noteably, the festival reported to officially have sold out for the 2017 and 2018 editions. In late 2018, the festival released their famous closing statement about their fallow year for 2019:

Looking to March 2020

For Insomniac, this will be the second location that they have established in Florida. Most notably, EDC Orlando is here annually. People have noted that this might be potential for some act conflicts, but at this time, no radius clause has been announced. Others argue that the conflicts hopefully will not arise. Noting that Okeechobee typically has boasted a more diverse selection of artists than what is seen on the EDC lineups.

On the other hand, artist conflicts may be the least of Okeechobee 2020’s worries looking to their 2020 return. Sunshine Grove is home to several different local festivals and events, and there is already talk of conflicts over the grounds.

In conclusion, we are hopeful that Okeechobee will be able to overcome these new obstacles. Whether they be related to either location or lineup. With Insomniac now taking over, it will be exciting to see what they create as we Enter the Portal in 2020. Keep an eye out for the official 2019 lineup drop. While you are waiting for head over here to the 2018 official recap while waiting and check for tickers here.

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