Outside Lands Embraces Cannabis Culture with ‘Grass Lands’

Introducing Grass Lands at Outside Lands, a brand new curated cannabis experience to embrace an upcoming lifestyle, located South of the Polo Field in San Francisco.


As Outside Lands music festival arrives in Golden Gate Park on August 10-12, the grass covering the park’s sprawling Polo Fields will hardly be the only green in sight. Grass Lands is a 21+ Town Square that focuses on the celebration, education, and integration of cannabis products into daily life.

As of January 1st, 2018 the use of recreational marijuana has been legal to the state of California. Springing off of this recent legalization, consumption has been a tricky issue within the public. Cannabis has been a staple within the festival and music industry, and some events such as Coachella have gone so far as to institute a ban on the substance within their grounds.

Where in the Cannabis

During this activation, Outside Lands invites you to stop by and enjoy sweet treats from The Confectionery, learn from “budtenders” at The Greenhouse, and explore activities like the Lemonade Stand, The Flower Shop, Farmers Market, The Smell Wall and more. (Please note, no cannabis or cannabis products will be available for purchase or consumption onsite at the festival.)

A cannabis delivery service will also have a presence, though you won’t be able to order any drop-offs within Golden Gate Park itself. Still, a press release notes that “people who elect to take advantage of their service can enable at-home deliveries.”

“Much the way that Wine Lands celebrates Napa and Sonoma as the leaders in U.S. wine production, Grass Lands will shine a light on the area’s importance as pioneers in the cannabis world,” Rick Farman, co-founder of Superfly, co-producers of Outside Lands, said in a statement. “With recreational marijuana now legal in California, there is so much to discover. We are excited to be the first major festival in the country to offer attendees the chance to learn about the latest in cannabis development.”

Participating Partners for Grass Lands Activation Include


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Outside Lands Lineup
Outside Lands Lineup

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