Possible first artist confirmation for Dreamstate!

In the spirit of all things cryptic, Insomniac strikes again. This time it’s for the first announcements on artists heading to Dreamstate. To everyone’s surprise it appears as though the recent video release gave us our first artist. You can view this video right below:


At around 10 to 11 seconds we see a flashing image of what appears to be two men in hood cloaks. For fans in the world of trance, this is none other than Gaia; Armin Van Buuren and Benno De Goeij’s legendary, purist alias. There is no mistake of this.

Ever since their first live performance at Ultra Music Festival in 2014, fans yearn to witness this duo in action. Taking on a purist approach, they do not disappoint, its a spectacle to behold for both fans and non-fans of trance as the sets they play are completely live! As a result, something of rare value in the electronic music scene, these two are very far from being ‘press play’ DJs. If you have no idea what to expect and watch a piece of the action you can view their live set below courtesy of Armin Van Buuren.

Along with this ‘incoming transmission’ video, information was given on Dreamstate artist announcements. 6 massive ones to be exact, starting on Independence Day at Noon PT. It appears that Dreamstate is back at it with tradition, doing their daily artist announcements. If Gaia is the first tease in the massive waves of artists announcements, who knows what Dreamstate has in store for us. It’s imperative to note that their on sale announcement was done last week. Learn more about that and how to acquire tickets here. Fans must be going haywire at this news and its just a short matter of time before the full line up reveal.

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