Q-Dance Announces its Last Ever Edition of Q-BASE


Q-Dance addresses their loyal following of fans, known as “Q-dancers”, in a heartfelt letter with the news that Q-BASE ends. Furthermore, the final edition of this Hardstyle festival is set for September 2018 at the airbase in Weeze, Germany. After 15 years of Q-BASE, this news is a sad departure. Fortunately, fans can find consolation in Q-Dance’s promise of a new party concept to replace Q-BASE at Airport Weeze, Germany in 2019. Read the original announcement of of the final edition of Q-BASE, below.

Q-Dance Announcement May 15, 2018

The Best is Yet to Come

Albeit a disappointing truth for the passing of such a memorable festival concept, the event organizers realize this is only the beginning and not a bitter end. As Q-BASE ends, the new event begins in 2019. Q-dance justifiably hosts the greatest of parties and are bound to please fans amidst the changes to the party concepts. Such changes come from pride in music. Fans can take pride in “The Final Mission”, this year’s theme for the final edition of Q-BASE 2018.

Q-BASE Legacy

A 14-hour electronic dance music festival featuring the harder styles in dance music on the grounds of a retired World War II-era air base in Weeze, Germany. Multiple stages set across the landscape and within the structures of the former air base: landing strip, hangars, and ammo bunkers. Each edition of Q-BASE takes on a theme that is generally dark in nature.

The festival recruits such lineups across a wide-variety of EDM genres ranging from the mainstream Hardstyle sounds to the underground, welcoming new talent in feature contests to host a stage. The past two editions have a similar theme that is “Die Hards Only”, appropriately named in reference to EDM fans with the strongest devotion to the harder styles in dance music.

Q-BASE 2018

Looking forward to the event, this year’s ticket sales are in effect. Q-BASE package deals are available from the event page on the Q-dance website. Furthermore, the excitement of this year’s edition of Q-BASE comes with the anticipation of the lineups and anthems that Q-Dance has yet to announce. As the usual demonstration of the harder styles in dance music at Q-BASE is the main focus, the event organizers are working on living up to this tradition.

About Q-Dance

Headlining the harder styles in electronic dance music since 2003, Q-Dance set out to revive the hardcore raving music of the previous decade. The revival of such music steadily came in the 2000s with artists such as Brennan Heart,  and Mad Dog. These artists reintroduced the harder sounds that Q-Dance originally set out to find. As a result, such music is now popularly known as Hardstyle. Q-Dance continues to promote Hardstyle with events year-round.

Q-Base ends

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