Q-Dance Acquires Art of Dance Shares

A partnership to strengthen each brand

In a proud announcement from the Q-Dance on Friday, August 09, 2019, came the exciting news of acquiring 50% of the shares from Art of Dance. Moreover, as Q-Dance acquires Art of Dance shares, growth in business for both brands follows. As such, this partnership is good news because now these leading organizers of hard dance music have an even stronger stance in the hard dance industry as one reinforces the other.

ID&T, Q-Dance, Art of Dance, and Most Wanted DJ

To illustrate their stance, Q-Dance is a brand under the ID&T enterprise that is number one in the rankings of promoters of hard dance events. Second to ID&T is the hard dance events brand Art of Dance and it partner agency Most Wanted DJ. Therefore, combining the talents of event organizers, talent recruitment with ID&T backed Q-Dance brand means amplifying their common goal of promoting hard dance music.

Q-Dance acquires Art of Dance shares
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Q-Dance and Art of Dance to strengthen each brand

With evidence of prior successes in collaboration between Q-Dance and Art of Dance, the partnerships formed in the annual summer hardcore event, Dominator, prove a healthy bond that is most reassuring considering it just had its fifteenth edition this July 2019. This stretches a long period of growth and development of the brands as well as their ability to keep up with the rapidly evolving trends in hard dance. Now, their joint efforts are compelling enough, and it is exciting as it is promising for more hard dance phenomena.

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Brand representatives confide in the partnership

Supporting statements as Q-Dance acquires Art of Dance shares come from ID&T CEO and Q-Dance founder, Wouter Tavecchio. He effectively communicates the positivity of the ensuing partnership:

Art of Dance is…on the same level as Q-Dance and we can reinforce each other in many ways.

Wouter Tavecchio

Furthermore, CEO of Art of Dance, Matthijs Hazeleger, mirrors Tavecchio’s confidence:

We will…use the international network of Q-dance and ID&T to ensure that this benefits our events, affiliated artists and…the experience of our visitors. “

Matthijs Hazeleger

As Q-Dance acquires Art of Dance shares, the brands will nurture each other. This means well for promoting hard dance events, artists, industry professionals and the community at large.

The future of hard dance is stronger than ever

These brands wealth of hard dance music puts them promising position in hard dance industry. Capping off the partnership are wise words about the true power this gives them as businesses. Matthijs Hazeleger concludes that as Q-Dance acquires Art of Dance shares a reciprocal benefit empowers both brands:

As part of a larger group, we strengthen our position in this highly competitive market.

Matthijs Hazeleger

At that, they will bring the hard dance music we know and love. Q-Dance and Art of Dance have more leverage than ever.

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