QAPITAL Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Emergency Declarations

Q-Dance organizers declare the official cancellation of the event

QAPITAL will not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In other words, the festival is cancelled. COVID-19 Emergency declarations prohibit large crowds from congregating as a preventative measure for minimizing exposure to the coronavirus. Because of this, there are now postponements and cancellations of many music festivals like QAPITAL.

Set to take place inside the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam this April 2020, the cancellation is final. Therefore, the event will not start nor reschedule. The event organizers, Q-Dance, stated that the cancellation is true. Furthermore, ticket holders can get refunded since the event won’t get rescheduled.

Unfortunately…it turns out to be impossible for us to reschedule the event in the foreseeable future…we are setting up our refund process and aim to provide a solution as soon as possible.


The ticket holders already paid for hotel packages and event ambassadors had aimed to sell tickets for this year’s spirited theme “The Alpha State”. Because of this cancelation, refunds are sources of lost revenue and dismay. The anticipation for an enjoyable experience at QAPITAL has come to a sobering hault.


Stay home and stay healthy

The fans should now stay home and stay healthy. They should also remember that preventing exposure to COVID-19 can keep the Alpha State running. Rustle up some virtual entertainment of your favorite music. Listen in to the latest music releases. Then enjoy the feel good vibes that we know music provides even in times of struggle. Additionally, one bright side is that the festival-goer’s bank account will have money transferred back to it because of the cancellation.

One frequent concern that EDM fans have is making sure they’re making smart decisions regarding their personal finance when they are at a music festival. With the cancellation of QAPITAL, it looks like they do not have to spend money after all. However, there is the emotional factor in which festival-goers cannot spend their cash or use credit cards to purchase festival memorabilia. The festival memorabilia at festivals such as QAPITAL would allow people to have memories about the festival they had fun at.

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