Relentless Beats Brings More Entertainment During Quarantine

Relentless Beats: Entertainment During Quarantine. Spotify playlists and a new video series!

In a continued effort to get you off the couch and keep the blood flowing, Relentless Beats is back with some more sonic entertainment.

Relentless Beats Press Release

Live Stream

Blossom will be live streaming with Relentless Beats via YouTube and Twitch tonight at 6:30 pm PT. She’ll be previewing her new EP, Mind Games!


Relentless Beats plans to release bi-weekly playlists to keep spirits high. Various moods will be catered towards.

Artist Curated

SoundSmiths: Curated by Kill Paris

SoundSmiths is an artist-curated playlist, each playlist a new artist will take over. This week we have Kill Paris. Kill Paris is bringing eclectic vibes this week between his own music as well as music from Death Cab for Cutie, Marvel Years, J. Cole, and many more!

Chill Out

Relentless Beats Calm
We Are Relentless: Calm

Is quarantine stressing you out? Chill out with Relentless Beats’ playlist: We Are Relentless. Various moods are featured, this week chooses calm. We Are Relentless is a playlist made by fans for fans.

Travel The World From Your Couch: France

Relentless Beats Global: France
RBGlobal: France

RBGlobal is a playlist that adventures around the world with various sounds. This tour is hitting France with DJ Snake, Madeon, and more!

The Relentless Pursuit: Video Series

Relentless Beats has introduced a video series for fans. The Relentless Pursuit features various artists and gives fans an inside look at what goes into their career. The first video features Decadon and shows how he’s achieving his goals as well as what he has planned for the future.

Decadon is a musician from Denver, Colorado. His love of music began with rock music. His live performances feature his finely tuned guitar skills alongside a DJ set to throw down to. He blends Rock n’ Roll and EDM together, seamlessly. The first edition of The Relentless Pursuit follows Decadon at Decadence in Arizona. The video features excerpts from his father, who is also his manager. Fans get to learn about how he got to where he is today. Take 10 minutes to check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Relentless Beats is committed to getting through this tough time together. It comes as no surprise that they continue to look out for their fans who are still in the quarantine. Keep an eye out for all they do to bring the dance community together during COVID-19.

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