RL Grime Picked To Make LA Rams New Promo video

The Los Angeles Rams have brought L.A. native RL Grime into there huddle. The Rams are in need of a new hype style video in honor of their 2019-2020 season. Posted to the official Twitter account of the NFL team, the video tells fans to “bring the pressure.” A very appropriate title considering the track chosen to soundtrack the video. The chosen mix is RL Grime’s 2018 classic, “Pressure.” 

In this new hype video, both visual and audio recordings of live gameplay give a unique twist to the song. Filled with locker room talks, announcers, and the roar of fans is perfectly mixed throughout, giving the trap song a more metal twist. Each side perfectly complimenting each other for an excellent promotion video.

Fans of RL Grime have begun to grow more and more restless. Due to the anticipation of the arrival of his annual Halloween mix. With less than twenty days to go until the 31st, fans are speculating who the special guest will be and what tracks will make the cut. Only time will tell, in the meantime apprectiate the moment for RL Grime, It is kind of a big deal. “Pressure” by RL Grime was released on July 11th, 2018 as a single for his second studio album, Nova

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Lucas Banda

Lucas Banda is a lover of all things EDM. Making the fast paced industry come to life with words is a real passion that is deeply enjoyed. Also, currently in pursuit of a bachelors degree in mass media at Angelo State University.

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