Robert Miles, creator of the legendary single “Children” passes.

Robert Miles at the age of 47, has passed away striking a tragic blow to the electronic music community as a whole. It is still undisclosed what ailment took his life away but reports are slowly coming in on his passing.

Robert Miles had been living on the Spanish island of Ibiza where he passed for some time now. He is notably most famous for his tracks “Children” and “Fable”. Thanks to “Children” he has been responsible for the introduction of many, young and old to the world of electronic music. It is track which has sold over 5,000,000 copies worldwide. He has been one of the biggest influences in the world of electronic music. Thanks to the Dream version of the track, Robert Miles was also a huge contributor to the world of trance as well.

One of the motives Robert Miles had for writing the track was the effect of the Yugoslavian Wars on the children of that country. Miles’ father was on a humanitarian mission humanitarian mission in the region, the pictures he brought back sparked the creation of the track. In ’95 when Children turned into the single for his album “Dreamland”  it took on a whole new meaning. The calming piano melodies of the Dream version of the track served to bring down a young generation of ravers in Italy at the time. Miles wanted to reduce the number of young people killed in car accidents. Sometimes it would be due to exhaustion, others because of drug and alcohol use. Through approval of authorities and victims of parents, Robert Miles consequently gained enormous success.


DJs across social are expressing their condolences and sorrow as the news rolls in of his death. The world of electronic music will mourn this loss for a good while. Robert Miles has left us with his eternal mark in the world of dance music. We owe it to him for bringing us such a beautiful track stemming out of innocence and good will. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

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