Sam Halabi’s House/Electropop Track, “Cathedral”, With Thomas Finchum

"Cathedral" blends EDM with Country-Western

Sam Halabi is a multi-skilled DJ and producer from Israel. Halabi developed a musical talent when he began training in classical music at the age of 6. Afterwards, that talent brought him to merge traditional, classical, modern, and soul sounds with his own style of house music. He has collaborated with prominent music stars such as Snoop Dogg and Layzie Bone and he composed a remix of Aretha Franklin‘s “A Deeper Love”. His reputation continues to rise as top producers like Zedd, Oliver Heldens, and Calvin Harris are supporting him.

The Sounds of “Cathedral”

Halabi’s latest single, “Cathedral” features Thomas Finchum, an American country singer. Before becoming a country star, Finchum was a platform diver and he’d participated in the 2008 Olympics. The track is unique because it merges the energetic sounds of electro-house with country music’s carefree vibes.

The intro of “Cathedral” contains uplifting vocals from Finchum that go alongside guitar strums, country-western-style whistles, and escalating synths. The track’s steady drumbeats provide a motivating atmosphere to pump up the listener for another awesome day. Towards the climax, there are also rattle-like sounds that were once common in most country-western songs in the past.

What To Expect After “Cathedral”

Halabi’s on track to become one of the most successful Israeli DJs in the global electro-house scene. One notable example of an Israeli DJ who’s a household name in electronic music today is dubstep superstar, Borgore. “Cathedral” is the track that can not only bring Halabi closer to Borgore’s stardom but also brings widespread recognition to Israel’s electronic music scene. The track might have the potential to connect EDM fans and country fans together, as well as fans of both genres, due to Thomas Finchum’s presence. As of this writing, “Cathedral” is released today on September 6th.

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