Scammer On Hook for $2.8 Million

People involved with Tyre Festival faced lots of scrutinies after the release of Netflix and Hall’s Fyre Festival documentaries. Among those confronting backlash regarding the scams and their preparation were Fyre creator Billy McFarland, Ja Rule, along with marketing agency, FuckJerry.

TMZ is presently reporting which McFarland was arranged to repay EHL Funding $2.8 million he had been loaned for the festival.

EHL Funding sued Billy McFarland and Ja Rule for the 3 million that they lent into the group. They’ve gained a default decision due to the fact McFarland allegedly never showed for the litigation.

He is now serving out a six-year sentence to wire fraud. The ruling has arranged McFarland to provide EHL $2,891,600 and 30 percent interest.

This will not include the lofty lawyer charges, which McFarland may also be on the hook for.

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