Seth Troxler Begins Beef With Camelphat, Eric Prydz Helps Defend

House music fans around the world might have been closely following the #camelgate controversy. This heated argument began Saturday night November 30th. Seth Troxler, the DJ behind the Instagram post that kicked off the debate, made a series of tweets criticizing CamelPhat’s music.

In an Instagram story post that was later memed by Eden, the vocalist from CamelPhat’s “Siren Song,” Troxler said “The Matrix is broken or everyone has gone dumb” and later wrote “kill me” over a screenshot of the duo’s Twitter bio mentioning their Grammy nomination.


This argument led to a widespread debate among other producers and fans. A notable reply came from Eric Prydz when he noticed what was going on. In a series of tweets, Prydz both came to the defense of the British duo as well as call upon Troxler to use Twitter and his music too,

“…show us all what we all have been missing… show me your resent music that will outlive ‘Cola’ or ‘constellations.’

The discussion will likely continue among fans in various threads. Troxler held firm and doubled down on his opinions, calling their music “EDM disguised as house music.”


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