Shred Collective Gathers Like-Minded Fans and Artists

Getter, a DJ who hails from San Jose, California, recently took on a new project, The Shred Collective. The collective is a group of not only DJs like Getter, but artists, artist managers, and clothing designers. It is made up of artists Getter, Spock, Terror Reid, Half Empty, Sneek, Evan Breen, Somehoodlum, Rob Israel and Gary Paintin‘. Along with creating this team, Getter gave birth to the Shred Collective record label. The first single by Shred Collective Records, “Inhalant Abuse” has 1.69 million plays on Soundcloud since it’s release three months ago.

In conjunction with their management team Steven, Klint, Christina and media mogul Ed, the goal of this project is to create and design merchandise, music, and shows, and put all of their profit “right back into the project” as Getter discussed in an interview with NEST HQ. Creating a platform where fans can connect with each other and artists they admire is important in a community like dance music. It’s fairly easy to reach out to an artist on Twitter or Facebook, but sitting on a couch with them would provide a more unique and memorable experience.

Getter is working on creating a series of Shred shows, where the meet and greets focus on having a “hang sesh”. Different from the typical meet and greet scenario in which guests shuffle through a line to take a quick picture and then taken right back out of the room. Getter doesn’t want that. He wishes to be able to connect with his fans on a more personal level.

The Shred Collective has a focus on their fans and their outreach. Their goal is to treat everyone as part of their community. The official Shred Collective launch party was in April, at a skate park in Los Angeles. The event page shows that it was open to anyone 18+. Guests had a chance to skate with members of the Collective, as well as enjoy food and surprise performances.


Their website is https://shredcollective.com. Exploring the “Shredders” tab gives full access to all the member’s social media and Soundcloud accounts. The collective’s own Soundcloud can be found at https://soundcloud.com/shredcollective, it includes music from both individuals and collaborations between members.

Entering the website not only exposes visitors to ‘trippy’ eyeball dripping art, music, and limited-edition tee shirts, but also turns your cursor into the “hang loose” hand symbol (also called a Shaka). It is a symbol of gratitude and friendliness, adopted by California surfers in the 1960’s from Hawaiian culture. The simple addition of that symbol of friendship suggests what Getter’s aim was in the launch of both this label and Collective.

One of the Limited-Edition Tee shirts from Shred Collective’s shop

The Shred Collective means like-minded fans can connect with each other and artists. Dance music will continue to pull people together; Along with the aid of projects launched by artists who truly care about their listeners.



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