Snails Allegations: A Closer Look

Snails is a hero in the world of EDM, determined to cement his statutes as one of the leading figures in bass music. We do live in age however with rising rates of various crimes. During these drastic times, we see ourselves surrounded by a lot of unnecessary crimes. An offense that is popping up quite frequently, sadly, are the scenes happening behind the rape culture. Rape culture can be defined as is a sociological concept for a setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality.

The EDM community behind the culture

This kind of activity has made its way into the EDM community in the past with scandals from artists like Datsik. However, quite recently a fan favorite musician dubbed “Snail” has just got into the mix as well. Social media giant Twitter has been home to the giant teardown of the artist. Posts have been quoted as saying, “I was partying with him last year at a fest, and he was making unwanted sexual advances on my friends and his crew and kept trying to get them to drink out of a bottle that they thought was drugged.” Nothing so far has been confirmed by a righteous authority.

This is not the only report, many others part of the EDM Twitter community have reported similar experiences with Snails. The real question is if they come back as actual hard facts. Quite frankly, there is no proof of any of the actions taking place. EDM Twitter, however, continues to ruthlessly tear the artist apart with possible intentions to shut Snails down completely. Datsik was a previous victim of a very similar scene which did have a rather horrible outcome for the musician. Will Snails career come to an end with all the negative energy coming towards him? Only time will tell and hopefully, the online EDM community will show some mercy.

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