Stay at Home and Listen to Techno with Toma Hawk

Toma Hawk encourages electronic music fans to stay at home during COVID-19 pandemic

Currently, in co-operation with the huge community behind Techno Livesets, Swiss techno DJ Toma Hawk has put together a campaign to motivate the people of the world to say at home and listen to techno! Toma Hawk wants to target the whole electronic music scene for both artists and fans to join in with the campaign. They can help each other protect the scene and support one another in these isolating times.

The world is currently facing unprecedented times in a situation that would be rare to occur in any person’s lifetime. Life as people know has changed forever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to protect themselves and everyone, people have to stay in their homes and practice social distancing.

Stay at home!

Toma Hawk is recruiting people to promote this campaign on their social media channels. They will use a specific PSD template which can be found on www.sahalt.com. Afterwards, people can make videos introducing themselves and express their support for the ‘Stay at Home’ campaign.

Looking to hit astronomical viral heights, Toma Hawk needs all of the Techno heads out there to join him in spreading the message! Check out the social pages for the campaign here on IG (Instagram) and FB (Facebook).

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