Man detained after threatening Instagram post about Ultra Music Festival

Man in custody after he's shown holding a gun and #ultramusicfestival

Police have detained a man after an Instagram post shows him holding a high-powered rifle. The Ultra Music Festival hashtag appears in the caption. The name on the Instagram account is Rayne Russell, of Fort Lauderdale.

News 7 Miami reports the incident. Copyright 2018 Sunbeam Television Corp

Russell was in attendance at Ultra on Sunday and arrested shortly after. City of Miami police tracked him down in the hours after the festival. It is unclear whether he faces charges. OneEDM will update as this story unfolds. It is not known whether Russel was targeting the festival.

The Instagram photo shows one large rifle in his hands. The suspect appears to be in a high rise hotel or apartment. Also, a smaller gun equipped with a silencer sits on the table. The suspect appears to laugh. The caption reads “ready for the weekend” and includes the hashtags “#tgif,” “#ultramusicfestival” and #mmw2018”.

For Ultra music lovers, threats are not a joke. After the October 2017 massacre at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas, security is much tighter at Ultra. For example, the festival had elevated observation points for officers this year. Also, officers took watch in hotels surrounding the festival. Backpacks were not allowed into the festival grounds unless they were transparent. Miami officials took any threat seriously.

Overall, Ultra was a considerably safe weekend.

According to City of Miami Fire Rescue, only about 50 transports occurred. Dehydration made up most of those cases. Miami police added there were no significant incidents as well. Ultra concluded their 20th anniversary weekend on Sunday night.

There is a call to action as the 2018 festival season presses on.

Outdoor venues across the country are expecting to raise security standards. Every attendee at festivals this summer deserves to feel safe. The American dance music community will not tread lightly over any person trying to hurt them.

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