T78 Remix Competition Supports Fight Against COVID-19

T78, DJ and producer, invites techno producers to fight against COVID-19 with a remix competition. Any sales made from the producer’s winning entry will be donated as charity to victims of the corona virus outbreak.

T78 remix competition

In a post to the official T78 Facebook page, he explains in a video his remix competition initiative as an opportunity to raise money for COVID-19 response efforts. As such, any sales on the winning remix track will get donated to victims of the novel coronavirus.

Downloading the STEMS of the techno track and remixing them into a six minute long production in just one month’s time is the task required of this competition. During this time, T78 aims to provide creative fun and during this demotivating and saddening times of the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Remix competition: promoting health and wellness

The remix competition is a healthy and happy activity for producers. T78 aims to provide a mental escape from the day-to-day worries of the devastating corona virus. Producers can now pre-occupy their minds with creative musical thought previously consumed by the horrors of COVID-19.

Similarly, it is a heart-warming opportunity for good-doers. Donations in lieu of participating in the competition are in effect to benefit wellness efforts against the killer virus. Furthermore, it shows the enduring power of music to influence social change for the greater good. T78 maintains this in the remix competition announcement: “together we are strong, together we are the antidote”.

Music matters

T78 aims to release the winning remix track as a collaboration on his techno label, Autektone Records. This means winning exposure in the techno scene. Also, fosters the growth of emerging artists and social ties with industry names. All in all it is a great opportunity for great music to happen.

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