The Chainsmokers Say Their Debut Album Release Is “Up To Our Fans”

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, duo The Chainsmokers opened up about the ever-present rumors of their debut album. Coming in step with their season of international success and chart-topping singles, fans far and wide have been clamoring for a complete collection of work. While the two mentioned that they feel the time may be approaching to begin sitting down for work on a full-length studio release, they told Teen Vogue that it would ultimately be up to the demand from their fan base as to its release.

Now, The Chainsmokers have taken to their Twitter account to offer more words on the idea. They said, “it’s up to our fans if they want one. . . But if u all start making some noise for one.. Well.”

Given their listeners’ overwhelming response to the more direct acknowledgement they’ve given as of late to the album’s potential existence, it appears that the duo may start to take the attention a bit more seriously.

Check below to read The Chainsmokers’ tweets on the matter, and click here to see their full statement to Teen Vogue.

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Source: The Chainsmokers Say Their Debut Album Release Is “Up To Our Fans”

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