The Difference Between a Male Marijuana Plant vs Female Marijuana Plant

Nearly 160 million people around the world use marijuana, and growing it is becoming increasingly popular among caregivers and smokers. 

If you are learning how to grow a plant, you’ll have to have a full understanding of the different sexes of the seeds. Scroll down to learn about how the male marijuana plant differs from its female counterpart. 

Male Marijuana Plant 

When growing your plants, you must wait for 6 to 8 weeks before being able to identify the seeds’ sex. This process is called seed germination. 

The male marijuana plant produces small, bell-shaped clusters that hang down. While hanging, they open to release pollen. Male plants pollinate the female flower for reproduction. 

Be sure to mark or separate this plant from the others as it can easily be confused with female plants.   

One of the easiest ways to identify if your plant is male or female is to look at the pistils. Male plants do not have any pistils in the flowers.

Although male plants do not produce the smokable buds, they still produce hemp. Hemp is a strain of the Sativa plant that can be used to treat ailments and aid in health and skincare. 

Female Plant Characteristics

Female cannabis plants are unlike male plants and require different attention and treatment. 

Once the plant goes through germination, the female plant will typically produce a tear-shaped bud that is normally white. If you aren’t sure how to tell if your plant is male or female before flowering, take a look at this type of seed that has been feminized.  

Feminized seeds can be bought online and simplify the grower’s job. Feminized seeds are seeds that have already been pollinated by the male plant. Ordering these can cut weeks off of the growing period. 

Once the male plant has pollinated the female flower, you’ll begin seeing growth. Female plants typically produce flowers with pistils inside. This is what easily identifies their sex. 

Another way of determining the sex of a plant is by looking at their flowers. The flowers on female plants don’t fully close and are filled with thin pistils. 

The female plant is what everyone wants to have. They produce the THC smokers are looking for. 

Hermaphrodite Cannabis

While growing, you may encounter a seed that is difficult to identify.

Hermaphrodites consist of both male and female flowers. They produce buds that pollinate the rest of the plant, making it easier on the grower. 

It is recommended to get rid of any hermaphrodite plants as they are typically not worth the work required and can disrupt the other plants.

Seeds can naturally turn into hermaphrodites on their own, but stress is another reason it can occur. Or, some say certain weed strains from Thailand are more likely to become hermaphrodites.

Stress is not good for the plants and should be avoided at all costs. Be sure not to over or underwater your plants. Also, pay attention to the amount of heat and light your plants need during certain periods.  

Transplants, the temperature of the water, and even exposure to bacteria, bugs, and pathogens can cause stress to your plants. 

Tips for Growing 

Now that you have a full understanding of male and female plants, you can begin planting! 

One of the biggest tips to follow when growing marijuana is to limit the number of people who know about your grow. Even though it’s now legal in most states, broadcasting to strangers that your basement is full of weed plants can attract attention and problems you don’t want. 

It’s also important to check your plant daily. Missing a day of caretaking can slow the entire process down and set growth back 2 weeks from where it was. 

Be sure to constantly care for your plants and give them the minerals and nutrients they need to survive. 

If you live in an area where the water has high levels of chlorine or other chemicals, you may want to swap out for better water.

A good rule of thumb: if the water isn’t drinkable, you shouldn’t be feeding your plants with it.

Chemicals can cause damage to the plants and ruin their roots. Certain chemicals contain fungus or other pathogens that can destroy your plants. 

Tools Required 

The first step when growing cannabis plants is to find a secure grow room. You can choose any room or closet space in your house, as long as you can fit all of your materials inside. 

The next thing you’ll need is a grow light. HID, fluorescent, LED, and induction bulbs are all excellent options. The better the light set-up you have for your plants, the higher yield you will get. 

A fan is also helpful. Marijuana plants should be grown between 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and should have constant access to air and carbon dioxide. 

Once the air, room, and lights are all taken care of, you’ll have to decide on the soil. You can also choose to go with hydroponics. Hydroponics typically create a larger yield on buds.  

Get Your Green on 

Many people don’t realize the large differences between female and male marijuana plants. If you’re searching for a marijuana plant that will produce weed you can smoke — you’ll need female seeds. 

The male seeds pollinate the female seeds, making the plants grow. Both are completely different, but necessary to the process. 

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