The Toxic Avenger & Greg Kozo – B4

Exciting dynamics: the loudness levels shifting in and out on the plucked instrument in the beginning portion of the track is cool and demonstrative of production talent as that is a difficult sound, too. Also, the interjection of silence before the acid bass-line is great way to build up the excitement. Reminds me of the QULT/Subground sound. Great style with out-of-the-box sounds.

Seven techno tracks created in four days and recorded live in one take using only a modular system by The Toxic Avenger and Greg Kozo

The Toxic Avenger is a well known french electro producer. He produced 5 albums since 10 years, won the best Video game music (2016), the Best Fantastic Movie’s Music for the anime film “Mutafukaz” and did plenty of gigs in Europe (DJ and live). He did a lot of synchs (Nissan Qashqaï, Ubisoft, Need for Speed..). His international fan base is a growing one. (190K monthly subscribers and millions of streams on Spotify).

Greg Kozo is also a well known producer with his ex-band, Make the Girl Dance (licenced to Ministry of Sound in G.A.S, Ultra Music in the U.S.) and released in 2018 a solo album « This Is Not Hollywood »

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