Things to Consider Before Booking a Psychic for Your Event

Booking a psychic for a party is becoming an increasingly popular thing to do since it means that you’re inviting a little magic and fun into your event. However, if you’re unsure about it and want to make sure you do this right, these are the most important things to consider.

How Many People Are Attending?

Having one psychic to a party of twenty makes far more sense than one to five hundred.  Consider how many guests will be attending your event and how many performers you need to balance out the numbers.

If you’re going to have other performers, like singers, magicians, and contortionists, that can even out the numbers more, but if you only want to have psychics, consider asking those you’re hiring if they’re okay with you hiring more than one.  One professional per every fifty to a hundred people can be plenty.

Will Guests Be Respectful of the Psychic?

Consider the type of guests your party will see.  Are these people going to be respectful of the psychic, or do you foresee some problems with respect and patience?

Although it can be fun to have a psychic in a room of skeptics if the psychic wows and amazes, setting up a professional to be humiliated or disproven isn’t respectful and can lead to you being sued or in trouble.  Think about how your guests will react to the news of a psychic and if you can convince them to be respectful.

What’s The Theme of the Party?

Not all parties have a theme, but chances are if you’re looking for a psychic for hire, your party has something interesting going on!

Consider what type of theme your party has and what kind of psychic would suit it best.  If you’re having a carnival or circus-themed party, the best option may be a more classic psychic. In contrast, a more modern party without a theme may call for a psychic who dabbles in new and visually interesting fortune-telling.

What Does Your Budget Look Like?

What’s your entertainment budget?  These professionals can’t work for free, and most psychics will refuse to work for just tips since many assume that the party is paying for the entertainment.

Try to set a reasonable budget for the night, and then talk to a few psychics to find the rate and skill combination you’re looking for.  Although you can barter a little, you have to pay whatever you decide upon, don’t try to underpay on the day of the event.

How Soon is the Event Happening?

Although a good psychic will know when you’re getting ready to hire them: you should still try to do it as early as possible. For example, is the event happening in two weeks or six months?

Try to book at least three months in advance to ensure that you get the best rates possible and that there will be a psychic available.  These are very popular party entertainment guests, and waiting until the last minute may mean that there isn’t one available for your event.

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