TIDAL’s Album And Track Info Feature Offers Detailed Artist Credits And Descriptions For Millions Of Albums And Tracks

Furthering its mission to support all content creators, global music and entertainment platform, TIDAL, offers subscribers access to artist credits for their favorite tracks and albums. The feature includes in-depth descriptions and credits, such as: composers, lyricists, engineers, musicians, vocals, instrumentals, mastering, production, mixing details, record label information album cover photographer and more.

Reminiscent of liner notes found in CD’s, the information offers a look into all of the contributors that make music. Whether it’s listing all the sample tracks that were used on JAY-Z’s 4:44, including insightful quotes from music critics on the Spice Girls’ and Nicki Minaj’s albums or providing all the instrumental and vocal credits on Kaskade’s Automatic album, the feature is full of valuable information for music fans. Sample images here.

The information is available for millions of albums and tracks with more being added every day. Subscribers can access album and track credits by clicking on the “Show Options” icon and selecting “Album Info” or “Track Info.” Album and track information is available on the desktop app, web player and mobile apps.

TIDAL has brought the artist credits feature to life with “Live Credits,” which takes fans inside a notable song, album or video, by interviewing those people responsible for its creation by interviewing those people responsible for its creation. Through a combination of video, audio and the written word, artists, producers, songwriters, and engineers recount their experiences while offering the kind of behind-the-scenes information that will cause listeners to hear or see the art for the first time. Subscribers can check out the live credits for Fat Joe’s “So Excited” here: TIDAL.com/SoExcited

TIDAL is committed to bringing fans closer to their favorite musicians, as well as upholding the value of music and the contributions made by all artists. The Album and Track Info feature acknowledges the hard work of all the contributors that help make music for fans.



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