Tomorrowland Stage Damages Ahead Weekend Two

A tent structure comes loose at the "Neighborhood party"

Tomorrowland Belgium

Tomorrowland is one of the most beautiful and well put together EDM festivals. Known for bringing a vast amount of artists each year. As such, there are a total of sixteen stages needed to host all performing artists. One stage specifically is the Freedom Stage. Big names such as Armin Van Buuren are taking control of the festival at this stage. Sadly, as the festival prepares for its second weekend this Friday, part of the ceiling actually collapsed. As a result, of the Tomorrowland stage damages, performances are called into question.

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©Ben Conaerts Freedom Stage from Tomorrowland Evacuated during Neighborhood Festival

Tomorrowland stage damages

Tomorrowland spokeswoman Debby Wilmsen stated too HLN,

“The structure of the tent has come loose. As a result, part of the ceiling has subsided. The damage will be repaired as quickly as possible, but for that, we will have to close the tent for the visitors of our festival. The party continues as usual, but on a different part of the site. We are going to see if we can also provide a cool space there. ”

Debby Wilmsen

All of this ended up happening because of a ‘Neighborhood Party’ that was held for the local residents of Boom, Belgium–host city of Tomorrowland. That said, the stages damages happened at the Neighborhood party rather than at Tomorrowland.

“We were in the other side of the tent when it happened. We first heard a crackle and then we saw the lights coming off. They did not fall all the way down but stuck. The people responsible for safety immediately cleared the room. I did not think there was much panic. For me, the party will continue as usual.”

says eyewitness Achiel Rypens

Hopefully, the festival maintenance crew works their magic to repair the Tomorrowland stage damages. If, however, the stage is not cured by Friday, artists will be relocated. As such, this can cause some additional problems. Make sure to keep an eye out on Tomorrowland news to see the outcome.

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