Top 5 festival drone photographers

5. Puya Hosseini

Puya Hosseini is a youtuber with a collection of drone videos with a selection of different natural landscapes, from Fiji to the deserts of California. He was selected in 2018 to be one of the drone photographers for the infamous Burning Man arts festival which takes place annually in a remote spot in Nevada, 100 miles outside of Reno. Here is theĀ footage.

4. Tony Northrup

Tony Northrup is a talented YouTuber, photographer, videographer, and instructor. In this video, he details how he shoots video of an outdoor event which requires extensive planning, teamwork and use of multiple types of technology, including maps, radios, drones and a team of skilled personnel. Here is his informative video.

3. Sam O’Hare

Up next we have a VFX artist and director from Manhattan, Sam O’Hare. His background has given him creative skills to stand out, his drone video at the 2010 Coachella was one of the most creative we have seen. He emulated a tilt shift lens effect (a fancy lens effect usually used in regular photography and sometimes videography) from the air, which is extremely impressive. His video footage of Coachella is surreal and dreamy in a pleasant sense. Check the footage out here.

2. Jay Smith (Pilot) & Jessica Kearney (Camera Operator)

This duo makes some real high-quality drone videos. Sweeping panoramas that showcase the dramatic landscapes that they capture. Together they manage to capture a lot of movement, a lot of things are happening at Burning Man at any given time, they’re able to capture the chaos in a calm ethereal manner. Here you can see their latest festival work, at Burning Man.

1. James Meuang

From low ground shots to sweeping panoramas and extreme angles. James Meuang takes festival drone photography to the next level, with extremely polished footage and smooth transitions. Here you can see for yourself, his drone footage stands out.

These were some extremely talented pilots and drone photographers. If you find yourself in need of footage like you see above or for any other use for that matter check out this link for an aerial drone photography services company.

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